Friday, April 8, 2011

Sea Urchins and Space Unicorns

Space unicorn, n:  An aesthetic movement popularized in the 1980s by the covers of science fiction/fantasy books for young adults …

and Lisa Frank trapper keepers.

It experienced a revival on geocities pages circa 1999 and lives on in our hearts.  And, sometimes, our stashes.

My latest creation is half space unicorn, half cosmic sea urchin:

Though, to be a true space unicorn project, it should have some pink in it.   And it very nearly did!  There's a bit of a story behind this.  At a knitting circle in Portsmouth last year, I won a free skein of yarn:

Actually, I guess that's the whole story.  Free yarn.  In the end, though, I just couldn't deal with the pink-and-olive-green extras tied on to the black base yarn;  I untied them.  I'm so proud of myself for having found a use for this yarn, but now I have a ziploc baggie full of 6-inch-long pink and green bits of fluff and I have to find a use for those ...

I won't lie to you -- the pompom was super fun to make, and the hat itself only took an hour or two.  This was a great project.

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