Monday, May 30, 2011

New Pattern! Bias Cable Mittens

I have been busy finishing up a demo pair of mittens. This is my first design to be made available as a downloadable pattern. At the moment, it's only available through Ravelry: Bias Cable Mittens on Ravelry.

I have been interested in bias shaping for some time, and have used it on socks, mittens, and scarves. The basic idea is that every row, or every other row, you increase a stitch at the beginning of the bias section and decrease a stitch at the end. This creates a panel where the columns of stitches are slanted relative to the direction of knitting. Each column appears to emerge at one side, move along diagonally for a while, and then disappear again when it hits the other edge. By mirroring these panels, we can create chevrons and zig-zags. A corner made in this fashion is sometimes called "mitered," after the woodworking joint.

My mittens use this principle to create diagonal ribs, embellished with cable twists. One of the most gratifying things about designing these mittens was seeing how a few basic design ideas (a mitered chevron, ribs, alternating 2x4 cables) combined to create a dense and interesting texture. The bias ribs also lend a structural element, creating a snug and elastic fit across the back of the hand.

If you do decide to make these mittens, there are a few links you may find helpful:


  1. These are super gorgeous! I'm a sucker for a picot hem.

  2. Thanks! I'm monitoring the Ravelry stats with an unseemly eagerness. :-)

  3. Je voudrais le patron en français

  4. Anonymous: Je ne sais pas le français, mais si vous m'envoyer un email à jennyjo at, je vais vous envoyer le texte brut et vous pouvez essayer de le mettre par Google Translate.