Sunday, May 15, 2011

The fluff nightmares are made of.

I had my first nightmare about knitting last week.  You know how some dreams have video-game like missions?  You need to do something, and it's super important, even though you can't quite remember why you need to do it.  Well, in this dream, I needed to knit a sweater.  I don't remember the purpose of this mission, but I knew the consequences:  Pizza.

Or, more specifically, no pizza until I finished the sweater.  Which I had not yet cast on.  Or chosen yarn for.  But needed to be made with at least three colors.  So I spent most of the dream rooting through my stash, which mysteriously consisted of horrible colors (camo green, hunter orange … even the navy blue managed to be ugly) in fingering weight yarns, trying desperately to find a color combo that wouldn't make me hurl.

This dream has many of the ingredients which I would consider a nightmare in a real project:  fine yarn, color conflicts, and lots of loose ends to sew in.

So, with that in mind:  look at what I bought this weekend at the NH Sheep and Wool festival!

Yes, that's lace yarn.  8 kilometers of it.

I'll let that sink in for a minute.

So … what was I thinking?  Well, in my defense: it was on sale! 50% off!  (and it was a kit, so I had to buy the strange oranges to get my hands on those lovely blues.)  I know one doesn't usually go to sheep and wool festivals looking for a deal, but when something like this throws itself in your lap, how can you say no?

And those blues … oh those blues.  I fell asleep last night imagining the amazing gradients you could make by holding three strands together, and changing colors one strand at a time.

So, lovely readers -- what would the ingredients of your knitting nightmare be?  Have you ever knit a project that turned from a dream into a nightmare?  Or maybe the other way around?  And do you think I'm just a little bit crazy for buying this yarn, or would you have done the same thing in my place?


  1. Wait...this is *laceweight*? Yes, I do think you are a little crazy, but I also probably would have done the same, so...make of that what you will.

  2. It's so pretty! Exactly how many shades of blue are in there?

    I think I'm fortunate to not get swept up in nightmare knitting/crocheting because I'm a total quitter when it comes down to it. The closest thing was weaving in all the ends of that gingundo quilt afghan I made. I swear those ends were undergoing mitosis.

  3. 7 different shades of blue. So, if I was *crazy*, I could knit 7 lace-weight cardigans and have one in any color I needed ... as long as it was blue :).

    But that would be ACTUALLY crazy. Which I am not. yet.

  4. So pretty! Even the oranges! :)

    So did we end up with any of the same colors? I seem to have Light Green, Sea Blue, and Blueberry. I'm still not sure what they'll turn into...