Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dyeing yarn with stuff that I the store!

I recently spun up 2 oz of my first acid-dyed fiber! Inspired by a photo of a lava lake in Ethiopia, I splashed a generous amount of dye onto 4 oz of superwash BFL top. In addition to my first time working with acid dyes, this was also my first time creating a "painted" roving. I was worried I wouldn't have space in my tiny apartment kitchen, but it worked out fine.

The drying fiber made a welcome spot of color in my wintry apartment.

The finished fiber came out better than I'd even hoped! Not a perfect match for the picture, but close enough to please me.

The finished yarn: a laceweight/light fingering 3-ply, destined to become socks, provided I can work up the courage to start on the tiny needles required. I also dyed 4 oz of this fiber to match the dark, bluish parts of this photo, and I plan to combine the two in either stripes or a mosaic pattern. I still have quite a bit of spinning to do before I start knitting, though.

(More photos exist in my Ravelry stash.)

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  1. Wow! That is stunning, I can't wait to see it as socks.