Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New pattern! Portsmouth, NH scarf and shawl.

I have a new pattern out!  Two, actually:  the Portsmouth, NH scarf and the Portsmouth, NH shawl.  I'm kind of in love with both of them -- thank goodness that it's 60 degrees here in Chicago (in July!) and I can wear the shawl everywhere.

You can see that they're very similar patterns, knit in different weights of yarn (for a rather different effect).  The idea that inspired this design was to break down the false dichotomy between scarves and shawls.  Why should't scarves have interesting (ie, non-rectangular) shapes and fun details?  Why shouldn't shawls be as easy to wear as scarves?

So, what's with the name?  Portsmouth NH is a city on the eastern seaboard of the US that I (almost) lived in for a year.  (Technically, I live in Durham, NH.  Durham is kind of boring, though, so I spent a lot of time in Portsmouth).  It's a marvelously funky place, combining historic New England charm, NH individualism, and that international feel lots of port towns have.  It's also pretty cold in the winter.


  1. This really caught my eye.... Im from Portsmouth New Hampshire, born and breed. I love the scarf. I just wish I had seen the test for this, before it was full. Hope you publish it.
    Great job

  2. I'm glad you like it! I loved Portsmouth, and think that I'd love wearing this scarf or shawl there. Although there's a test knit going on, the pattern is actually already released! If you follow the links at the top of the page to ravelry, you can purchase the patterns there.