About us!

Malia, Jenny Jo and Emily are a linguist, mathematician and science educator.  Their hobbies are yoga, Victorian social dance, and puzzles.  Their ideal imaginary knitting circles include Mr. Spock, Molly Weasley and Mme Defarge.  Their guilty internet pleasures are fanfic, pictures of baby animals, and advice columns.  They are married to a mathematician, a mathematician, and a mathematician.

1.  The fanfic fan's pirate name is Bad-Rum Lindsey; the puzzler's pirate name is No-Neck Velma; and the pirate name of the person who wants to knit with Molly Weasley is Lazy-Eye Jane.

2.  The science educator's favorite ice-cream flavor is pistachio; Emily's favorite is passionfruit.   

3.  The baby-animal-picture-lover would like to be in a knitting circle with Mme Defarge.

4.  If we could knit one thing for fictional characters, Malia would knit something warm for Lyra from His Dark Materials;  the Victorian social dancer would knit something inappropriate for Morpheus from Sandman; and the mathematician would knit a funny hat for Mal from Firefly.

5.  Malia worked on a mastodon excavation in western New York;   the yogini has never been to western New York.  

6.  Mme Defarge's knitting circle sister-in-needles has another blog, about mollusks; the Victorian social dancer's other blog is about writing.  

7.  Neither the linguist, nor the baby-animal-picture-lover, do yoga.  

8.  Mr. Spock's fellow knitter and the puzzler don't love advice columns, but Emily does.

9.  Malia and the linguist both live in New York City.

10.  Jenny Jo's favorite cocktail is the Old Fashioned, Molly Weasley's imaginary friend loves karaoke and sings it terribly, and the puzzler would choose malabrigo sock yarn if she could only knit with one yarn for the rest of her life.