Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New pattern! Berkeley, CA shawl

A shawl I love, inspired by a place I love:

Really, what else is there to say?  I could wax poetic about meeting my husband, my cobloggers, so many friends in Berkeley; the food, the hills, the weather, and the food; the life of the mind and the wacky politics; and did I mention the food?  But, really, this shawl was named after Berkeley because it is knit from the craziest, most colorful yarn I could find -- "Flamboyant Cuttlefish" from Cephalopod Yarns.

Though"Gamut" from Another Crafty Girl (pictured above) is also a contender for that title, and was paired with a black yarn to amazing effect by my test knitter.

Anyhow -- this shawl makes me crazy happy.  I hope you like it too!

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