Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Going overboard

I found out at Christmastime last year that I'm going to be an aunt. My husband's eldest younger brother (get that?) and his wife are having a little boy due in July. Basically as soon as I had established my mailing address in Indiana, some yarn was in the mail to me, for the shower gift. I thought I would do something modest and practical, since my sister-in-law was flying to Chicago, her hometown, for the shower, and she'd have to schlep everything back home. Washcloths, I said.

So I knit two.


And then two more.


And then a lion washcloth (the nursery is Lion King-themed).


And another lion.


And then five more washcloths I forgot to photograph before giving away, but they're very cute and shaped like leaves. So yes, that's eleven washcloths if you weren't keeping count.

I brought these to the baby shower, and I also heeded the request to buy the baby a book rather than buy a card to go with the gift. So I also bought a book! Except I bought five books...

That's good, I thought, I can make the baby a dapper little sweater or something for the holidays this year, and that will be super cute.

Except then I was browsing my friend activity on Ravelry, and someone had queued the cutest baby blanket that was green and leafy and looked perfect for a Lion King nursery (assuming it's more like the jungle portion of the movie than the savanna).

I thought to myself, I've made so many baby blankets for friends over the years (I actually cuddled under the one I made for fellow blogger Emily the very weekend of the baby shower!). How could I not make one for my own nephew? Even if he is going to be born in Texas in July?


Well, let's hope the air conditioning is aggressive in his surroundings. This is Madelinetosh DK in Jade, and it's an absolute dream to knit with.

Honestly, if I can't go overboard for my first ever nephew, when can I?

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  1. Babies are meant to be spoiled rotten with hand knits. You are doing the right things!