Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lavender Honey

As a dyeing novice, I don't always get the results I want. I recently dyed eight ounces of polwarth top in shades of purple and yellow. My plan was to dye each two-ounce strip of fiber in a long gentle gradient from a deep to a pale shade. I would then spin each strip into a singles, and ply together the two different purples into one yarn and the two subtly different yellows into another. Then I was going to make a bright and springtimey colorwork scarf.

After carefully measuring out ten different strengths of each dye and painting them onto the fiber, here's what I got:

Dyed Polwarth

Not quite what I was looking for! Not only is one of the "yellows" a very bright orange, but the long and gentle gradients I had in mind did not work out. Dismayed, I let the project lie dormant for a while until I hit upon the idea of blending the colors on handcards. After a little carding, spinning, and knitting, I came up with a fancy little swatch.

I love this tweedy blend of purple and yellow. It makes me think of Proven├žal pottery at my favorite breakfast place in Berkeley. I've started blending up the rolags, and will update as the project goes on.


  1. Wow, the finished result looks so different from the dyed roving! I love the effect. What do you think you'll make with it?

  2. I was thinking of a slouchy beret or some sort. The fabric is actually pretty subtle and neutral despite the colors that went into it...should be a nice alternative to my various loud and crazy hats.