Saturday, April 2, 2011



Is this thing on?

Great!  Thanks for coming, folks, and welcome to the Elegant Yarniverse.  Please show yourselves around and make yourselves at home -- there's not much up yet, but we hope to have some groovy projects, cool patterns, deep thoughts, tutorials, string puns, and space unicorns in the coming months.  So stay tuned!

Let me introduce ourselves:  (that can't be grammatical ... )  I'm Emily, and these are my friends Malia and Jenny Jo.  We're knitters and nerds.  We also share a love of bright colors, fluffy animals, science, science fiction/fantasy, San Francisco, puzzles and puns.  Some of us also spin, crochet, weave, and dye yarn, though I'm not sure if any one of does all of those.

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