Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer scrap knitting

What is it about summer?  I'm still daydreaming about epic projects and buying yarn in unreasonable quantities, but can't seem to get myself to knit anything that requires concentration or more than 50 grams of yarn ... so stockinette stitch in scrap yarn has been the name of the game.

Scrap knitting the first:  phone cozy

I threw half a ball of black wool (knitpicks, I think) and every gumball-sized ball of leftover Noro Kureyon I could find into a pencil case, along with some DPNs, as in-flight entertainment for my trip to Maui.  Making the cozy took the duration of the inflight movie (True Grit -- pretty good for airplane fare) and a couple podcasts (This American Life -- Father's Day; Planet Money -- Why Do We Tip?).  

I didn't realize until it was finished just how 1980s this project is.  But the neon colors, black background, and zig-zag stripes take me back to the days of my childhood.  In 1989, I remember saving my allowance for months to buy a pair of biking shorts, which were THECOOLESTTHING and looked a little like this:

Scrap knitting the second:  ankle socks

This is a much more sedate project, without actually being at all subtle.  I hope you guys appreciate that I shaved my legs just to take this picture for you!  Pretty easy knitting -- they took me more than a year to complete, but languished in my 'someday' bin all of fall, winter and spring.  

I love this yarn so much -- if you were to spin yarn from all the fiber you find in the jungle (tiger fur and vines and twisting rivers) I think this is what the result would look like.  I made my first ever pair of socks out of it last year, which (sob) ended up being too big for me and were given to Peter instead.  But there was enough yarn left to try again!  And I like them as ankle socks -- this way I can wear them in the summer and people can actually see them.  I think I maybe don't hate socks as much as I thought I did.  I can see myself making one pair every summer ... 

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