Monday, July 11, 2011

Continuing Dispatches from the Tour de Fleece

Although I'm on team Hopelessly Overcommitted, my commitments for this year's tour have been surprising me in their ability to be completed. This may be due to the fact that I've been spinning instead of doing other things I like to do, like knit and read. I've also been spinning instead of doing other things I don't like to do, like cook and clean. I'm still eating, sleeping, and going to work, though, so no worries.

The exciting fact is I have more finished yarn! I bought this bump of roving from Loop at MDSW this year, and it took about 2 months to get it all spun. I spun it on a bottom whorl spindle I got at MDSW because I wanted to start spinning this roving immediately. Here's a sparkly champage-colored cop on the spindle.


Each time the spindle was full, I slid it off the spindle onto a douple pointed needle (I don't use them to knit anymore, so I'm glad they have found a new life for themselves). This is the complete collection of spun fiber.


Saturday I spent a long time plying. Like, I woke up with shin splints on Sunday. That was stupid, perhaps, but there was a Harry Potter movie marathon and I was transfixed. I plied the single with a commercially spun white silk thread. I did this so I wouldn't disrupt the color transitions and because making a chain ply would result in too thick a yarn for my purposes. Behold!


In case you're wondering about the fiber content of the yarn, dig this:
* alpaca
* merino
* corriedale
* bfl
* kid mohair
* yak down
* tencel
* nylon
* cotton
* bamboo
* ecospun (recycled soda bottles)
* tussah silk
* silk noil
* angelina
* firestar
* recycled denim


  1. That's so beautiful Malia! What are you going to make with it? Some awesome garter stitch shawl?


  2. Hi CM! I think I'm going to make the Seascape Stole from Knitty. It's a lace pattern, but it's a big motif that I'm hoping won't fight with the yarn too much.