Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Tour de Fleece and the Ghosts of Spinning Projects Future

If, by some miracle, I finish all of the spinning in my previous post, I've got a couple of future projects planned. The first is rather simple, and will be done on my wheel. I'll probably start this one during the Tour de Fleece, since my wheel is currently untenanted and a spindle-only Tour isn't a goal of mine. I have these two semisolid merino rovings from Fiber Optic that are screaming at me to be spun into a 3 ply fingering weight and then made into colorwork mittens.


The other project is the doozy. In the most recent issue of Spin Off magazine, there's an article written by someone who spun enough yarn on a drop spindle to weave into a blanket on a rigid heddle loom--here's the ravelry project page. I was completely inspired by this. I think having such a great project would get me out of the weaving slump I'm in, and I've got enough fiber stashed to get a good jump on it. Have a look.


I got those three bumps of teal roving from Pigeonroof Studios in a blowout sale when an online store was shutting down, and so these will be the base of my color theme. I love teal! Teal is a theme I can get behind! The rest of the fiber is samples and other freebies acquired over the years, plus one purchase from my recent Midwest adventure. I love the challenge of spinning thicker singles on a spindle, and I love the idea of weaving with those singles, so this will be the project I start up when I've finished at least two or three (yikes) of my other spindle projects.

Isn't daydreaming about future projects the best? What have you been dreaming up lately?

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  1. Holy wow! The fiber for your handwoven, handspun blanket is too, too cool. I love those colors! Somehow they look light and cheerful without falling in the dreaded pastel range.

    These days, I've been daydreaming about what to do with the vast quantity of blue and purple lace-yarn I posted about last month. I'm leaning right now towards a long cardigan type of thing, in the Joseph-and-the-technicolor-dreamcoat genre. But that's a *big* project, and I don't really have a ton of patience for those ... so we shall see.