Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Tour de Fleece and Ghosts of Spinning Projects Past

I love spinning, and I love spindles. I continue to acquire spindles in the name of Trying New Things, and, well, it can create a bit of an unfinished project problem. Fittingly, I've joined Team Hopelessly Overcommited on Ravelry for the annual Tour de Fleece, a challenge for spinners to spin every day the cyclists are competing in the Tour de France, July 2 through July 24.

This year I'm going to work on finishing some things that have been on the spindle/charkha for a while. In a fit of organization (I'll admit it, Hoarders came on TV after some wedding show I was watching and I couldn't look away), I went through my spinning stash and organized it into ongoing and future projects.

Here are the ongoing projects, in reverse chronological order from when I bought the fiber:
* My most recent fiber purchase, the Loop batt from MDSW 2011. I'm working on this one currently, so it may actually be finished by the Tour, if I can figure out how I'm going to ply it.


* This wool/mohair blend in a graduated colorway, purchased at Rhinebeck 2010. This one presents a similar challenge regarding plying, but I'm thinking this one would actually be good for a crocheted singles project.


* The plying of this cashgora fiber (seriously, it just needs to be plied!), also purchased at Rhinebeck 2010. It's part of a larger spindling project in which my various and sundry exotic fibers get spun on the Orenburg spindle, plied with that cone of silk, and knit into some big graduated color doodad at the end.


* This purple BFL from Fiber Optic, purchased at MDSW 2010. I wish the camera could capture just how amazing this shade of purple is.


* This naturally colored cotton on my charkha. I've had this cotton for a couple of years. I'm going to spin one or two more bobbins before I ply.


My next post will be on my future spinning plans. Who else is planning on doing the Tour de Fleece this year. Jenny Jo?


  1. I dunno if I can really commit to the TDF...there's going to be a a lot of road-tripping and in-law-visiting and other disturbances during that time. Le sigh.

    (In other news, somebody on Ravelry started a project from my mitten pattern, other than the test knitter! :-D Stoked!)

  2. Lot's of pretty stuff! Judy

  3. Thanks, Judy!

    Also, JJ: exciting about the mitten pattern. I also noticed it has over 100 hearts, which is amazeballs.

    I totally understand if the timing is no good for TdF. I will be in Maui for one of those weeks, and I'm going to try to sneak in 10 minutes a day, but we'll see how that goes. Snorkeling!

  4. That purple skein is BEYOND gorgeous!
    I enjoyed the spinning wheel photos too. This is the most intriguing blog!
    Greetings from the USA, btw.