Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another neverending story

A few years ago, Jenny Jo, Malia and I went to Rhinebeck together.  We had tons of fun and I behaved a lot like a kid in a candy shop.  One of the tasty morsels I ended up with was this amazing pair:

(Fun fact:  Rhinebeck 2010 was my first exposure to 
the addictive power of the Sanguine Gryphon.)

Which, after some work (ie, realizing they would knit into the wrong gauge for the pattern I had in mind, stewing for a while over what they should be instead, and finally frantically sketching on sarah-marie's couch), turned into this pair:

(Fun fact:  Octopi have 2/3 of their neurons in their arms, not brains, 
and are 'honourary vertebrates' in the U.K.!)

I still had some yarn left afterwards -- enough to make another background for aquatic animals.  This was my birthday present for J this year, and she obligingly loves the sweater.  (And I do too.)

(Fun fact:  I like stripes!)

I still had a wee bit of the blue yarn left!  I wasn't planning to do any Giftmas knitting this year, but a few days before the holidays I stumbled upon a pattern for knitted owl ornaments.  We spent the holidays away from home, so I wanted presents for J which wouldn't take up too much suitcase room.  Two of these little guys incorporate yarn left from J's whale sweater; there's now less than 6 inches left of both the blue and the purple.

(Fun fact:  next year, I'm going to knit a billion of these.)

I still have a half skein of the orange yarn left.  I'm thinking of weaving it against a dark gray warp ... eventually.


  1. Oh my, epic cuteness! That's one well-spent skein of yarn.

  2. What a gorgeous photo of you both! I love J's Whale sweater, in fact I love everything you knit!