Friday, November 23, 2012

Gettin' cozy

I have a ton to tell you all about all sorts of things, but I'm behind on some photography, so I've got a quickie post for you today instead.

In a number of the cities I've visited so far during my time in Europe, people lock padlocks to bridges as declarations of love. So far, I've seen these here in Bonn, in Prague, Paris, and perhaps most impressively, in Cologne (Köln). I'm talking about a lot of locks.


I love looking at them; there are all sorts of interesting things about them. There are good German names, like Silke who loves Dietmar. There are cool old locks and shiny new ones. There are objects locked to the bridge through the padlocks, like pacifiers and rings. There are bedazzled locks declaring girls BFFs forever. I love imagining into the lives of these people and what inspired them to make these declarations. How many of these relationships survive? Do people come and see their lock? Do people ever take down the locks?

Also, did I mention there are A LOT of locks?


I was checking the ones in Cologne out today, and I saw the best declaration of love out of all of them. Whoever locked their love to the bridge didn't want the lock to get cold, and knit it a cozy.


I would totally lock my love of knitting to a bridge.

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