Friday, March 30, 2012

Support your local...

Whenever I go on a road trip, I have this fantasy that I will happen upon a wonderful farm-stand by the side of the road, but instead of vegetables, they will be selling yarn and fiber. It hasn't happened yet, but the dream is one step closer to reality, thanks to this awesome website I just found:

This website is a directory of local farms all over the U.S. True, this is mostly about vegetables (have you signed up for your 2012 CSA yet?), but you can also search by product, including...ta-daa! Fiber! You can also look specifically for wool, angora, etc. You can even join a Wool CSA through the website! I mean--OMG! Isn't that completely fantastic?!? I love the internet more every day.

*Disclaimer: sadly, this is not actually a picture of a road-side wool stand, it's just what I imagine they would look like.

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