Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spun to finished: BFL Thorpes

Unlike my co-blogger, Malia, I do not have a self-imposed spinning club. But I do have projects!

The interesting thing about this project was that I loved the fiber, but I couldn't get excited about the yarn...the texture was nice, but I wasn't into the colors. The ugly yarn sat around for months, un-loved, until finally I decided to just get it over with and make something (also I needed a hat). Lo and behold, the colors that looked so muddled in the skein sorted themselves out again into very attractive stripes, and I ended up with a hat that I really love.

Here's the fiber: Abstract Fiber BFL. Funny story, I was on a multi-stop trip and bought spinning fiber both in Northampton, MA (at Webs, of course), and in Oakland, CA (at Piedmont Yarn), and by pure accident I bought Abstract Fiber BFL in both places. What can I say? I love the colors!

I spun it into a basic 3-ply. Behold! Color mixing!

This is about the point where I lost interest in the yarn. The overall color effect of the skeins is just brown, and at close range you can see the dreadful clashing of sage-green, orange, and red-violet. Some people might be into this yarn, but I was very dubious.

When I finally did knit it up, the colors settled down quite a bit, into nice fuzzy stripes. I like it!
The pattern is Thorpe, by Kirsten kapur. I kept the larger hat for myself and donated the smaller one to a handknits drive at my local library. The green edging is a millspun yarn.

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