Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Self-Imposed Spinning Club 2012

My goal for the rest of 2011 is to finish various spindle-spinning WIPs I have going, because I've got some big plans in store for 2012. In particular, I have...a lot of spindles. I also have...a lot of stash. I took some inspiration from the Yarn Harlot's self-imposed sock club, in which she pairs twelve stashed skeins of sock yarn with twelve patterns, and gives herself a surprise pair of socks to knit every month.

I'm doing a similar thing, but with spindles and fiber. I'm pairing up twelve spindles with twelve bits of fiber in the stash, and I'll choose one to work on every month at random. I'm hoping I haven't completely sabotaged myself with overambition, because many months have two ounces of fiber or less as the spinning goal, but there are a few months with four ounce bumps assigned. It should be fun! I've taken photos of my plans, and I'll share a few here because they're just so pretty!



The great thing is that this is much of my stash that is destined for the spindle instead of the wheel. Several of the projects fit into my grandiose spinning goals of spinning enough to weave a blanket and spinning enough laceweight for an Estonian-type shawl. The rest are just for fun and beauty and joy and all of that good stuff.


Is anyone else thinking about goals for 2012? I have a few in addition to this spinning one. I want to knit/crochet with my handspun more. I want to continue with my on-the-go stockinette socks, plus knit some patterned socks I've been thinking about for a while. I want to crochet another afghan. I'm going to keep on with my hexapuff blanket. All sorts of good stuff coming down the pike in 2012.



  1. I have a new goal for 2012: steal your yarnz! Damn, but those are going to spin up to be gorgeous.

  2. I agree with Emily, those are some truly lovely colors!

    I think I'm going to try the Yarn Harlot's sock club idea, except I'm only going to choose 6. In the off-months I'm going to finish as many socks in progress as I can, b/c I'm pretty sure I have at least a dozen.